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Sanitization Kit

Are you worried about safety from Coronavirus, and where to get essential original products of sanitizer and mask?

After Coronavirus Pandemic outbreak the way of cleaning Houses to be changed for safety & keep healthy for the children, family members.
Letís find out the different between detergent & soap cleaning and sanitize cleaning.

  As usual routine cleaning house with detergent or soap and water is just to clean dirt and dust from surfaces of floors, walls, carpet, windows. But cleaning houses with Sanitize is to get rid of all dirt and small amounts of germs. Some items and surfaces are cleaned to remove dirt then sanitized of bathrooms, counters, toys, dishes, and all around the houses.

  Some items and surfaces require the additional steps of disinfecting after cleaning to kill germs on a surface like shifting tables, chairs, and sofa, go down, counters, toys, etc.

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